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"Making everything 'Pretty' again."

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Pretty Tidy

"Pretty Tidy"

Ever feel like either you invite guest or guest invite themselves at the not so perfect time? You've had a very long week and tidying up has been listed at the very bottom of  your to do list. Don't you fret, Team Pretty to your recue!  Listed below is what's included with this service.

  •  Sweeping and mopping of all floors
  • Wipe down of all counter tops and mirrors
  •  Light straightening of clutter in common areas (bathroom, living room, dinning room, and kitchen)


Time: 2hr 

Price: $50

*please see notes below

"Signature Pretty Clean"

We all would prefer a Pretty Clean home to retire to at the end of a hectic day and relax; but speaking realistically, did you make that bed or clean the toothpaste from the sink? Don't wreck your brain with the questions or coming up with the answers. Pretty Clean services will leave you in awe after returning home. Your home may look like a tornado may have hit it when you left but it'll be so welcoming upon your return. Here's what's included.

  • Vacuum  and mopping of all floors
  • Kitchen/Dinning Areas: wiping of all counter tops, tables, sink,  top of stove, and wipe outside of fridge. Cleaning of baseboards.
  • Living room: Straightening of couches, light clutter, and tables. Wipe down of tables and stands.
  • Rooms: Straightening of light clutter, making of beds (sheets can be pulled for additional fee), wiping of tables and mirrors.
  •  Bathrooms: Cleaning of toilet, sink, and tubs. Wiping of all counters and mirrors. Cleaning of baseboards.
Time: 2.5hrs
Price: $70
*please see notes below

Additional Services Available

  • Washing of dishes
  • Oven cleaning
  • Cleaning of fridge
  • Cleaning of baseboards
  •  Heavy dusting
  • Closet organizing
  • Drawer organizing
  • Pre/Post party clean up
  • Laundry starting at 2 loads (additional fee for additional loads and folding)
Pretty Massive

"Pretty Massive Cleaning"

What happen to my home? We've all had that question a couple times through out the year. Maybe your moving out and need your deposit back, The Pretty Massive Cleaning is perfect! No corner is left undusted or cleaned. Here's what's included with this service.

Everything from the Signature Pretty Clean Service 

  • Dusting of home
  • Cleaning of inside and outside of stove OR fridge
  • Pulling of  bed linens and rplacing
  • Cleaning of all baseboards 


Time: 2.5hrs

Starting at: $95

*please see notes below

Build Your Own Cleaning

Sometimes you just need someone to reach the spaces you can't get to or don't prefer cleaning, this is where this is where you build. The idea of building your own cleaning is to prevent paying for services you don't want to receive.

  • Decide what you need done (example: only floors, dusting and bathrooms OR only need two of your five bedrooms done). No use in quoting you for a "Signature Pretty Clean" for a five bedroom home, when you only want two rooms cleaned.
  • Let the associate know to give you a quote for the specific work you need done. Give as many details as possible it helps you save. 
  • Receive a quote that fits your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: The STARTING PRICE listed is for a one bedroom home and goes up from that price depending on number of bedrooms. If you have any questions or concerns about pricing/time please feel free to email, call, or txt.